The Night Life

Brothas brothas brothas, there got to more than this!

So my friends decided to come up for the night because I have a test on Monday(screw summer classes). Here’s what I learned:
1) If you won’t do it sober, you will do it drunk. That is a fact
*note: it took me 7 tries to type drunk instead if drink. This also toke me a few tries to figure out*
2) people will get mad at you for absolutely no reason. So they assumed that you would be hanging out, but instead you studied for a test then went out with your friends. Does that make you an awful person? Hell no it doesn’t!
3) if the stars are above you when you look at night are they really still there during the day? *i can’t see te little dipper*
4) your friends that just graduated still want to be in college, don’t grow up too fast, stay asong as you can
5) your answers aren’t at the bottom of that bottle, but you might as well figure it out for yourself! It leads to more adventures and bad decisions you’ll regret in the morning!

All in all, ’twas a great night out with my friends I haven’t seen in minute. And the thing to remember is that tomorrow is Half Christmas/ Christmas in July. Tomorrow night shall envolving old eggnog and a night to (maybe) remember



The Beginning

Well I guess my first post needs a little clarification. Looking back at it, I know what I was trying to say. You however probably have no clue. So let’s start at the top.

I’m a 20 year old college student that’s trying to figure out the meaning of life. I’m a biochemistry major trying to balance playing a sport at the same time. I like to think I come for a normal family, but then again what is normal?

I could tell you my life’s story, but I’m sure you can piece it all together if this blog is something that I keep up with. I do intend to. However it really just depends on how much I really want to talk about.

Here’s my thing: I’m not very open about expressing my feelings to others. I bottle a lot if it up and never let people see what it is that I’m going through. I feel like I’m good at putting on a face, I say this because NONE of my friends ever know if there is something bothering me. My typical outgoing and optimistic self shows pretty much all the time. As of now, I lost 2 of the only people I’ve trusted with my secrets. I don’t talk to my family because I don’t feel like I should burden them with my problems when our family has several of our own. I won’t talk to a therapist because telling a complete stranger that is “certified” in listening scares me to death.

My hope is that typing this out ad putting it on a blog for the world to see is a way to get over that. Not only will you see more me than I’ve ever shown the people around me, but you’ll see the stuff that I have to deal with and everything that goes on in my life. Not everything is going to be my raw, drunken emotion, but there may be some of that. Hopefully you see the crazy stuff that I do with my friends and the good things that I have and why I love my life as much as I do.

I’m not perfect, but then again nobody is. I have high standards for myself. Why should I strive for mediocrity? But I have to balance out my life and remember not to lose my happiness on the pursuit for more.

I hope this is something that you can enjoy, we’ll see where this experiential take me


Prologue to Madness

Well here’s the thing. I’m drunk as shit and pissed as hell. He only thing that I can come up with is that I need help with expressing my emotions. Boyting it up is closely not the answer tha I m looking for so I figure that if I just let everything go over this blog/note/diary if you it’s them it I can feel a little bit better.

My objectives are smiley,
1) if I’m drunk, which may happen a lot, I won’t correct my spelling/grammatical/syntax errors until the next day which will be corrected in the next post. That being said, autocorrect will either be my best friend or wrist enemy. I hope you can decider me words.
2) personally, I am a rather out going person, expertly social able and like meeting more people. However, I hate opening up toy friends and or people feeling that I am giving off a weakness. I hate the freeing that I am weak or that I have something that I am hiding. It am stubborn and I refuse to let go of the things that j want or am feeling. This is most de finely a flaw I.y personality / character
4) yes I think I just stepped 3. I’mu life right now, I dealing with a break up that I forsaw coming, a dysfunctional family headlined by a lesbian/borderline transgender sister, and my own doubts about where it is that I am headed in my life.

To be completely honest, I have no idea where this page will take me and that things that will come from it. All I really hope for is advise and a way to let go of the anger, agression and, shit that it is that I des with on a frailty basis. I don’t cFe what it is that you say. Do your worst blo/internet. Help me out hurt me, for some reason or another, I think that this page is going to help everything that it is I going throught

With every bring that I have right now at this mont with I is a half working brains and asset of thumbs that aren’t working ,